Tuesday, October 28, 2014

ADOPT-A-RESIDENT Christmas Program

Thanksgiving and Christmas are times of great joy and family get-togethers for many in our culture….but this only intensifies the loneliness and depression many nursing home residents experience during the holidays.  Our ministry is in a unique position to be the hands and feet of Christ through the Adopt-a-Resident program; our most impactful philanthropic effort.  This year both of the other groups that have helped sponsor some residents have cancelled their programs; we have an opportunity to bless many residents this year.
Here's how it works: by providing a small, personally-selected gift for a resident you can reassure them that they have not been forgotten. Gifts run about $10 and you can adopt a man or a woman. 
Please send me an Email with Adopt-a-resident in the subject box and tell me whether you’d like a man or a woman, or any special requests (Email chaplainpnw@gmail.com). 
I will send you a name and gift ideas, or you can totally do your own thing.  I'll let you know the details about wrapping, tagging, labeling, and deadlines, so you have all the information you will need.
If you’d rather provide a general gift that would be appropriate for anyone, please see the list below.  There will be a bin set up at church to collect these beginning in December; you do not have to wrap them.
I also have listed some particular requests for gifts that may be slightly more expensive, from residents who have special needs or who are enduring a terminal illness. Please let me know if you can provide one of these gifts.
Cash donations also help, and will be put toward whole-facility gifts like books and puzzles for all the residents to enjoy. Last year enough came in that we were able to provide a GPS for the bus.

I would also really appreciate help wrapping gifts if any Life Groups out there would be willing.  Thank you for considering spreading some joy around this Christmas. I can't wait to report back to you on the amazing work that God is going to do with your gifts!

General list:

SEAHAWKS GEAR (this is a request from many!)  Shirts, beanies or fleece throws. Shirt sizes L, XL and 2XL. Bartells has Ts on sale for $10 and Costco had them for $13. Walgreens has fleece throws - consider using some of your rewards points to take the price down.

Socks (Mens white crew, not tube socks; women’s colorful crew)
Fleecy Socks with no-skid rubber treads on bottom (the dollar store has good ones)
Diabetic socks (most drugstores carry these)
Wheelchair cup holders and walker caddies (bags that hook onto walkers) (Fred Meyer)
Scented body wash and lotion for women (moisturizing)
Scented body wash for men
Unscented body wash and moisturizing lotion
Chap stick (not lip balm – protection for chapped lips)
Photo calendars (not just flowers.  We have lots of classic car fans. Also scenery, international, native art, cities….)
Head bands (dressy)
Fleece throws in all sorts of adult prints. Big Lots has these for $3-$5
Silk flower arrangements in sturdy vases
Comb and brush sets with soft bristles
Glasses cases

Special needs:

Men’s 5X Seahawks shirt

Women’s XS pretty clothes (full-elastic waist twill or denim pants, warm tops – pretty but not fancy.  Can come from Thrift Store). Size 0 if there’s a numeric size.

Men’s T-shirt, sweatshirt (Large) or hat (baseball or beanie) with tasteful fly fishing motif. Women’s 3x shirt with northwest native (tribal) art depiction of bird. Not a seahawk :o)

I have one request for a Scoffield Study Bible.

Mens full-elastic-waist twill pants (L or 36 waist)

Switzerland print or calendar

Men’s Medium Tall sweatpants (Walmart)


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