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Thank you for remembering this ministry in your prayers.  I will update this page with requests as they come in. As always, resident and staff names are changed, but God knows who they are.  


Thank you for your prayers for the bus driver’s family. They have been greatly encouraged to know they are being prayed for so widely.

Thank you for praying for the outing situation with "Josef" and the bus driver's hours.  God made a way for us to take Josef out many times this summer, and he enjoyed himself hugely!  And He did exceedingly abundantly more than I asked, in making all this happen in such a way that it actually extended the time we're permitted to take him out, so we could go places like the zoo, the LeMay Car Museum, and the Fair.

Urgent Request:  Please pray for "Bess," whom you've met in other posts. I prayed with her yesterday. She's in a deep, dark place emotionally and asked me to pray that she would die.   Pray for snatches of joy - "The Treasures of darkness" (Isaiah 45:3), and that the Lord's will would be done in her life. And wisdom for me to know what would help her.

Pray for wisdom and unity for the Activities staff as they face a time of resructuring.  These are times when the ministry of a chaplain and the CARE Ministry are most vital, as we serve as a familiar and stabilizing presence.

Pray for Pastor Brown, that his health issues would resolve sufficiently so he can go to his church.

Pray that God would guard the hearts and minds of His precious residents from the deception of false religions, which come at them over the television, and from other residents and visiting ‘missionaries’.  And for wisdom and strength for me as I stand against them.

Pray for the loan of a computer projector to use for Missionsfest in October.

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