Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jehovah Jireh....

I don't worry about ministry provisions too much.  It's not just the big things like Adopt-a-Resident and Frank's gift, but a thousand little examples of how He provides for His people.

On Tuesday I gave a little speech to the Ladies' Bible Study at church, and told them that I need help writing cards.  We send Birthday cards to all our regular attenders on their birthdays, plus valentines, Easter cards, Christmas cards...etc.  I have a very small budget for cards, and some come in by donations, but with February's 12 cards going out, plus Valentines, I was scraping the bottom of the barrel. 

Two ladies signed up to help write cards, which is an enormously helpful blessing.  Now I could concentrate on where to get nice cards for not much money.

Then at the Wednesday Bible Study, one of the Activities Ladies pulled me aside and said, "I went with the outing to Walmart yesterday, and found out that Bess doesn't have a coat!"  (You met Bess and her Walker Thing in the last post).  She went on, "All she has is this thin knit sweater.  Do you think there's something you can do about that?"

I said "Sure!" (my standard answer).  On the way home, I prayed and then began to plan.  I had to get my son some sneakers from Value Village, so I'd look for a nice coat for Bess too. I wasn't counting on spending that money, but maybe God would send some extra.

That night I went to pick my kids up at church, and our AWANA Commander saw me and said, "Oh!  I'm so glad I caught you!  I have some things for you.  Remember that lady we sponsored for Adopt-a-Resident who liked angels?  Here's a blanket someone donated with an angel on it.  Oh, and here are some more cards I got -some birthday cards and some Easter and some other things.  And..." she paused and looked hesitantly at me. "I don't suppose you could use a coat, could you?  It's nice and warm and tan, about my size. I got it, but I just didn't like the color."

So there. All the needs were taken care of in one stop - and I didn't have to spend any money.  He is Jehovah Jireh  - The Lord our Provider.

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